Lens Repairs

Lumix and E-Mount Lenses

Camcorder Repairs

We can refurbish/service your camcorder to its full functionality. Based on our experience, camcorders can have issues from no power, no video output, lens failure, PC boards. Whether your camcorder needs a new CCD block, Prism Assembly, Lens, Buttons or PC Board, we can help. We are taking care of Panasonic, Sony, JVC and Canon Camcorders. We have specialization in SDI failure repairs.

Security Product Repairs - Panasonic

Panasonic WV Series Repairs like NVR's and Security Cameras

Camere Repairs

Specialization in Camera Repairs

About Us

Established in 1988, Micro-Tek Electronics has grown into the largest independent audio/video repair service company in India. In the beginning, Micro-Tek Electronics specialized in video cassette recorders and video cameras. We have a good relationship with Panasonic India from 2012 and now running 3 Panasonic authorized service centers in North India.

Why Us?


Established since 1988, we have vast experience of how to handle your equipment and perform service

Satisfaction Guarantee

We work for Customer Satisfaction. It is our top priority in Customer Service

Level of Repair

We provide Component Level Repair that results in reduction of cost of repair.


Our Engineers are highly skilled, experience and have good knowledge about the product what they are servicing


We have a Backend support Team that ensures that no delay happens in service

After Service Support

In case you are facing any issue after getting the service from us, we will give you priority over regular customers

Our Repair Process

Drop off Broken Device

Quick Device Repair

Pick Up Repaired Device

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